Eldercollege 2017:

HOW Can we get to 100% renewables?


In short, probably not. Although much of our energy use can be electrified and the electricity obtained from carbon-free sources, some things, such as jet fuel and asphalt for road surfaces would be a problem.

What about actions that might remove CO2 from the atmosphere, so called negative emissions? Many methods have been suggested, but in the end, probably the best plan will emphasize plants chosen for their ability to deposit carbon in their root structures.

And then there is the matter of the other causes of Global Warming such as land-clearance, carbon black, methane and NO2...

We will be looking into the options between 10:00 and Noon each Wed morning from January 11 to February 15, 2016. Special pages supporting each week’s discussion can be found by clicking on the week buttons at the top of the page. A brief outline can be found in the table below. And below that you will links to a number of sites and PDFs that you may find helps you prepare to make the most of our time together.

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Some links to get started on:  (TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Give them the URL: )

Maybe 1.5 is not impossible:  http://blog.rmi.org/blog_2016_12_08_pathways_to_1_point_5

Daily posts about “green” business developments:  Greentech Media

Daily posts about new climate science and answers to denier questions: Skeptical Science

This sight also has a comprehensive “fact-checker” page in which about 300 specious “it’s not happening” myths are comprehensively debunked. (here)

Recent Bill McKibben article comparing the needed changes to the response to Pearl Harbour.

Good movie of what is actually happening in Renewable energy implementation.

Showing that the train has left the station. Bloomberg 2016 globaltrendsinrenewableenergyinvestment2016lowres_0.pdf

NYTimes says that the Chinese are running away with the show.